My Amazing Blow Dry Secret® Shake’n Spray®


Color Safe • Repairs • Shines • Detangles
Helps Cut Down Blow Dry Time For Faster, Stress-Free Styling

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A dual phase styling spray that helps reduce your blow dry time for faster stress free styling. While leaving the hair feeling light and silky, with an amazing shine.

Allows you to blow dry in half the time while detangling, nourishing, controlling frizz, protecting the hair from heated tools and creating an Amazing shine.

  • Speeds up drying time up to 50%
  • Protects against heat from blow dryers and styling irons
  • Lightly conditions the hair, improving combability and reducing breakage
  • Helps control curly, frizzy or hard to manage hair
  • Prevents static
  • Leaves hair smooth and light, reducing stress from brushing or combing
  • Revitalizes hair, leaving it glossy and vibrant

On damp hair: Shake well. Spray onto towel-dried hair before blow drying. Style as desired into a luxuriously soft, smooth, shiny, frizz-free finish.

On dry hair: Shake well. Spray on as a thermal shield and sealer.

As a finishing mist: Shake well. Spray on for an exquisite shine.

A multi-purpose styler for all hair types, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shake'n Spray features an exclusive two-part formula with quick-dry agents in the top clear half; and conditioners, moisturizers, thermal protectors and frizz fighters in the bottom pink half.

Just shake them together to blend the ingredients and spray onto damp hair. The quick-dry agents evaporate rapidly, taking the water with them, so you can dry your hair up to 50% faster. At the same time, the conditioners, moisturizers, protectors and frizz fighters remain on the hair, leaving it healthy, bouncy and shiny.

Yes. Shaking the bottle allows you to blend the two parts together.

No. The product disperses instantly into micro fine particles, so it won’t affect your hair color.

Yes. It is great to use on dry hair as a heat protector for your heated styling tools such as your blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers. You can also use it as a finisher for adding an amazing amount of shine to your hair.