My Amazing Blow Dry Secret® Dry Shampoo®


Refreshes • Preps • Absorbs
Extends the Life of Your Blow Dry & StyleBuy Now

Dry Shampoo Sheer Spray extends The Life of Your Blow Dry and Style while Leaving it Fresh and Clean.

This product extends the life of your blow dry and style, leaving your hair fresh and clean. Featuring microfine tapioca starch that absorbs excess oils and product build-up while boosting volume. Our exclusive Two Phase Odor Eliminating Technology removes any malodors associated with natural oils, styling aids or processes in between washes.

  • Refreshes hair
  • Absorbs excess oils and product build-up
  • Boosts volume
  • Provides a velvety soft after-feel
  • Extends the life of your blow dry & style
  • Preps hair for updos
  • Lightweight formula leaves minimal residue
  • Eliminates malodors
  • Aluminum Starch free

Shake well. Hold can 6-8 inches away from head, spray onto dry roots and allow to dry. Brush through to remove any excess.

Note: To maximize oil absorption massage into scalp before brushing.

First and foremost is our exclusive two-phase odor eliminating system to help with the malorder that comes from not shampooing. Second is the clear, Aluminum free formula that works as good as any of the whitening ones.

This product has many different uses. It's formulated for a "No Wash Just Go 15 Minute Blow out!"

It absorbs oil in the root area, extends the life of your blowout, adds volume and texture to the hair, adds texture to your hair when styling in an updo, and helps to clean the hair while refreshing the style.

Perfect for on the go no time to wash your hair.

No time to do a full blowout but really need a refresh to your style. On the go styling.

  1. Lightly spray the hair with My Amazing Blow Dry Secret - Dry Shampoo Sheer Spray all over.
  2. Take your bottle of My Amazing Blow Dry Secret - Quick Dry Shake & Spray and give it a good shake to mix the layers before using. Then section the hair and use the Quick Dry Shake & Spray lightly throughout the hair.
  3. Blowout and/or Iron the hair until the desired style is achieved.
  4. Spray the root area with the Dry Shampoo Sheer Spray for oil absorption or volume if necessary.
  5. Or style the hair into the desired Up Style, Braid or Chignon.